Private Coaching

with a Team Coach


Here’s what unhurried entrepreneurs know about creating their future:

No more dancing on the edge of burnout.

No more perfectionism holding you back.

No more long hours.

You’re completely exhausted from hustling.

You can’t seem to keep up…even though you’re going as fast as you can.

You’re barely keeping your head above water, working long hours…and there’s still a long to-do list of items and goals you’ve failed to get done.

It’s only a matter of time before burn out catches up with you.

You’ve heard: “if you start with a mess, you’ll just grow a mess.”

And it’s true. You will.

If you’re feeling stuck, you need to think differently.

The problem-solving that got you here will not get you to your next level and beyond.

You’re smart. You’re savvy. And it’s not your fault that you can’t just get it together like some people…

You need to change the way you think. That means stepping onto foreign, uncomfortable territory.

Maybe You Struggle With:

Doing what you say you will

Finishing things in a timely manner

Planning ahead so you’re not always throwing things together last minute

Feeling good

Not beating yourself up

Indecision, confusion, overwhelm, and/or self-pity

Achieving your goals

Sound familiar?

Create the Life and Business You’ve Envisioned.
You Don’t Have to Stay Stuck.


You earn more money while creating space in your life for the things you actually want to be doing.

You take a vacation…without needing to be on your computer all the time.
You take a vacation…without needing to be on your computer all the time.
You finally get past your perfectionism, your procrastination, and your propensity to overcomplicate and take on too much…for good.

You work less as you make more, instead of working harder than ever.

Your business allows you to live out your ideal schedule.
This is all possible for you.

It’ll take some time (and probably some tears), but we can absolutely get you there.

Because you can’t do it alone.

What you need is a coach. And not just any coach.

Team Coaches specialize in helping you:

Overcome perfection

Work less, earn more, and improve your net worth

Create the lifestyle of your dreams

Make your goals as good as done

Run your businesses more systematically

“The process of working through my perfectionism with the goal of building my business and accepting myself more deeply has been so rewarding. I love thinking how this is just the beginning. And even though I’m seeing specific financial results that are just what I wanted to achieve, I’m experiencing more pleasure in my life when I work AND play.”

Lindsay Poelman

Private Coaching with a Team Coach

✔ Three-month coaching package (12 sessions total)

✔ Weekly 45-minute Zoom sessions with team coaches

✔ Any and all resources tailored to your needs

3 monthly payments of $1111

Spots are limited.

Common FAQs

What is a team coach?

A certified coach that has been approved by Lauren Cash to coach in her philosophies. Team Coaches will be mentored by Lauren as they coach you.

Will I be working with one coach for the entirety of the three month program?


Do I have to be an entrepreneur to sign up for private coaching?

No! All procrastinating perfectionists welcome. 😉

What does “any and all resources tailored to your needs” mean?

It means that you may be given worksheets, homework assignments, or teaching concepts that come up in your session as needed.

“As a recovering perfectionist, Lauren helped me to see how my mindset was getting in the way of my growth. She has helped me build, grow, and to learn how to use my time efficiently and effectively for the success of my business. Lauren is awesome!”

Victoria Albina

Make your goals as good as done with the mindset work to make it stick long-term.

You can keep following the same path. Growing a mess. Potentially burning yourself out…

…But then you will never see everything you’ve envisioned for yourself. You will never create that sustainable business with that ideal schedule.

You could keep procrastinating, stressing, and getting stuck in perfectionist thinking that’s holding you back from the life you truly desire…

…Or you could work with amazing coaches to create a business that runs smoothly and increases your income without working harder.

You could keep trying to do it on your own with enough trial, error, grit, and time…

…but if you want to do it FASTER, more CONFIDENTLY, and be SUPPORTED by team coaches, then this program is for you and the time is NOW.

Are you in?

“I got really good at using my calendar to plan and complete the things I wanted to get done. And that skill is so foundational and helpful-now I feel like it is just a matter of popping what I want to get done into my calendar…and it will get done. My biggest takeaway was learning to be way nicer to myself no matter what. That has helped release so much of what I feel like I have been stuck in for the last few years. I learned how to not use all of these tools that I have been studying and applying AGAINST myself. I did not even know that I was doing that.”

Adriane Nichols

What does it look like to work together?

Vivere Co believes in process-oriented coaching when working privately with clients. This means that we’ll meet you where you are with the specific lessons and practices you need to help you overcome what you’ve been struggling with each week. Resources are interweaved on an as-needed basis so you’ll be able to grow.

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