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Whether you are looking to focus on mindset coaching to transform your relationship with time, or you’re desiring to experiment with inner voice work for a whole new way of being, I start all of my private client relationships with an Intro Session.


As you book your hour-long session, you will complete a form to guide the focus of our time together and complete the $555 payment.

Intro Sessions can be used for…

Where You’re Going Session. This type of session is perfect for if you’re wanting to know if you and Lauren will be a good fit for working together in an ongoing coaching capacity. Lauren will guide you through exploring where you are, where you want to be, and highlight the gap and what she’d recommend you work through with a coach to make that a reality.

WorkFLOW Session. Perhaps you’re struggling with a process or system in your business or work that constantly takes way more time or energy than you think is necessary. Lauren can help you figure out what’s keeping you stuck both internally and strategically. She can help you re-imagine the process for more flow in your work.

Intensive Session. If you have something burning that you want to get coached on by Lauren specifically, you can use the session to focus on that one topic or issue. You can get laser-focused coaching on your unique thing during the session. If it would be beneficial to receive ongoing support, Lauren may offer you ways to continue working together after this session.

Hyper-focused Inner Voice Session. Want to learn how to tap into your inner voice and ask it specific questions about a topic your mind is struggling with? You can gear your Intro Session to be an inner voice facilitated session. Lauren can also offer you inner voice-infused coaching packages if you’d like to continue working with her in this capacity.

Or you can choose your own adventure if none of these options align, and you still know you want to meet with Lauren privately to see if you’ll be a good fit to work together.

Philosophy & Approach

One of my clients once said I am “the perfect blend of practical advice and more spiritual guidance.” That’s how I view my philosophy. I play with intertwining modalities that some believe are at odds with each other (hello undefined ajna). I am a Master Certified Coach in a mind-based self-awareness approach. I also am an Inner Voice Facilitator and working towards a Human Design Certification. Finally, I hold an MA in psychology and an MS in nutrition science, and am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who used to specialize in eating disorders. 

Aside from personal development, psychology, and spirituality, I also nerd out over minimalism, effective workflows, processes and systems, simplicity, and personal finance especially in the FIRE community–to name a few. 

I love bringing the math and the magic and mixing them all together for a nuanced approach.

What previous clients have said about working with me…

“Working with Lauren was an amazing experience! She guided me through transformations I am so proud of and previously thought impossible. Lauren helped me rewrite the story of my past, be calm with my present, and dream big for my future. Her coaching, both in person and through written work, is clear and insightful. If you have the chance to work with her, you must take the opportunity!”


Erin Jamieson

“When I hired Lauren I really thought she was going to help me “perfect” my schedule and stick to it. Instead I got so much more. She helped me create a schedule that works for me, that feels much more simple and streamlined, and really gave me permission to say “no” to many things.”


Lindsay Dotzlaf

“Lauren helped me get to a level of self love and acceptance that I've never experienced. She really helped me dial into a LOT of my perfectionistic tendencies which really helped me to see how they were holding me back in my business.”


Lindsay Poelman

“Lauren helped me be myself. She helped me to strip away all of the “should's” and the stories I had about myself that I thought were fact. In doing so, I learned how to show up authentically in my business and prioritize fun in my life and in my business. She has SO many tools in her tool belt and the best part is, she shares them with you. If you're a coach, you'll be a better coach just from coaching with her.”


Gretta Scholten

“I always felt like I never had enough time, feeling guilty and overwhelmed because I wasn’t finishing all of my work. Lauren showed me where I was spending my time and how to plan so I can create the results I want. As a result, I’ve increased my income because I now have the time! Thank you, Lauren!”


Robyn Michon
Common FAQs

Who do you love working with?

✔️ Unbecoming who they’ve always been
✔️ Desiring to repair their relationship with themselves and time
Growing their businesses their way
Working through perfectionistic tendencies and becoming more self-compassionate
Decreasing how much they’re doing and working
Making a goal they have as good as done
Discovering their human design and want to experiment with embodying it
Looking to show themselves IRL that their thoughts/beliefs create their results/goals/realities, not doing MORE
Wanting to do their businesses in the ways they desire, rather than the status quo
Desiring to work closely and deeply with a coach that integrates multiple modalities

Your thing not mentioned? Don’t worry–you can still book an Intro Session to see if we’d be a great coach-client match.

I already know Lauren and have worked with her in some capacity–I already know I want to coach with her privately but don’t really need an Intro Session. How can we get started?

Email and let us know what you’re looking to work on and why you desire to work with Lauren privately. Then if it sounds like a good fit, we’ll invite you to what options are available at the moment to work with Lauren.

What is the investment like working privately with Lauren?

The Intro Session is $555 USD. If you’re a good fit and desire to continue working with Lauren privately you will be offered a customized proposal for continued work together.

Private coaching is more than what I’m wanting to invest right now, how else can I work with Lauren?

Check out Cultivate Margin. Everything in the program will help you get started if you’re not ready to invest in private coaching. We also offer higher-touch group coaching from time-to-time, so make sure you’re on our list to be in the know.

How do I schedule a Human Design Reading with Lauren?

Schedule your Human Design Reading with Lauren here.

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