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…without sacrificing your sanity.


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“Lauren shares so many practical tools to implement immediately to get results in your business in the most effective ways. This is exactly what has been missing for me as I’m trying to grow my business . It’s as if she is reading my procrastinating, perfectionist mind. So excited to keep listening! Thank you Lauren for getting this out for all of us to benefit from all your experience!!”


“I love this podcast! Such great pieces of practical advice that I can implement in my business. The mental roadblocks are real and I can do relate as a degree collector and recovering perfectionist myself! Thank you for your passion, wisdom, and dedication to helping those of us who need a bit of nudging to get out of our own way. So darn good!”


“I have learned so much from this podcast and am so excited for new episodes to stop each week. The show notes are especially delightful for those of us inspired to dive deeper into Lauren’s references, whether to learn more about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy or to rewatch Mean Girls.”


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