Use Your Calendar as a Catalyst to Abundance

More time. More money. More margin.

You know that some people out there are incredibly productive…but that’s never been you.

You think it’s because you lost the genetic lottery and haven’t inherited the hard work ethic gene. You’re almost nauseated thinking about all the to-do list items and goals you fail to get done.

You feel like you’re always behind.

Sound familiar?

You want to figure out the elusive work-life balance.

what if you could…
get more done?
hit your money goals with ease?
have time to just…breathe?
You often wonder if this whole goal-setting thing just isn’t for you, you’ve felt the disappointment of not achieving your goals and dreams, too many times.

Or, if you do accomplish your goals, you exhaust yourself to the point of booking a mandatory vacation detox.

I hear you.

Here’s the Truth Though:

There is nothing wrong with you.

You aren’t the only one doing laundry in the middle of a workday when you said you’d be working.

You can finally break up with your identity as the “procrastinator.”

What if you could become someone who could create anything they want?

Here’s the Secret:

Use your calendar as your greatest asset and superpower.

Learn how to achieve any goal in just 12 weeks with…

Cultivate Margin

This program guides you to…

Create a calendar that supports your unique lifestyle.

Actually follow through with everything you say you’re going to do.

Overcome the distractions of this digital age and focus with savvy approaches.

Here’s What You Get

✓ 12 weekly dripped modules with worksheets

✓ Monthly live coaching call

✓ Vault of coaching call recordings

✓ Community platform off of social media

✓ Text-based coaching and As to your Qs

✓ Lifetime access

Á La Carte Modules

12 Weekly Modules:

Clean Goals
Before going after any goal you first must set a clean goal. Learn what the difference between clean and dirty goals are and why this matters for your goal cultivation.
Goal Creation
The key to creating any larger goal is breaking it down into “calendarizable” pieces—as long as they’re on your calendar, they’re as good as done. In this module you’ll learn how to distill your “big goal” into manageable components for your calendar creation.
This is the solution that most humans forget to factor in. Learn what it is and how to integrate it into your daily life to create the breathing room you crave.
Results Not Activities
The biggest mistake most people make with their time management is that they plan for tasks, to-do list items, and activities rather than the results they desire to create with those actions. Become more effective by focusing on the outcomes you want, rather than the checkboxes.
Overcoming Obstacles
Inevitably you will encounter obstacles as you integrate what you learn in this program. This module will help you with many of the common ones and teach you how to overcome them.
Distraction Interest
Lauren created this concept to curate your focus in your work. Learn what it is and why it matters for your day to day life and work.
How to Focus
Cultivate focus in your work in order to get more done in a short amount of time, now that you understand the interest you create with distracting yourself.
Evaluation and Recalibration
Success isn’t created in a perfect plan from the start, it’s created in the adaptability over time. The key to any change is to regularly evaluate and recalibrate your progress.
Fuel for Action
Actions don’t matter as much as you think they do. Learn the secret about what matters more in your creation of your goal than what you do.
A huge time suck is staying in confusion, indecision, and overwhelm. Make decisions that will bend time for you in ways you didn’t imagine were possible.
High-Level Solutions
Now that you have mastered the previous modules, there are higher level solutions that can help you create more time in your life and this module will teach you what these strategies are.
Handling Unmet Deadlines
In this final module you’ll learn what to do if you have an unmet deadline or do not achieve your goal in the time you originally planned.

Are you in?

“I have gotten SO much better at planning my time and doing what I said I’d do!”

Les McLain Sierra

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will stop being “busy” and start:

Being productive
Achieving your goals
Earning more
Being in control of your time and your life
If you don’t take action, nothing will change.

“Margin is very powerful! I’ve learned about creating Margin in my schedule and life and the impact has been huge. It’s allowed me to use my schedule as a positive tool instead of a weapon against me. I can finally identify my indulgent thinking and how that influences my actions. ”

Hey, there! I’m:
You can change your relationship with time forever. I can help you do it.

I’ve been an organized and productive person for most of my life, but I was running around with a sob story about how I was always so busy and overwhelmed. I was under producing, underearning, and scoring lower on exams throughout grad school because of my perfectionism and scarcity mentality.

When I combined mindset work with minimalist time management approaches, it changed everything. I’ve more than 15xed my income, created goals that previously seemed crazy to my mind, and relaunched a coaching practice while working full-time. I no longer believe that being busy and feeling overwhelmed are out of my control. I know exactly how to get myself out of that mindset if my brain tries to offer it to me again.

It will be my joy to teach you how to do the same.

Common FAQs

What do you mean by margin?

Margin is the space between your limits and your load. It’s the part of your calendar you’ve been missing because you’re so caught up in time scarcity.

How long is the program?

While the program itself is 12 weeks, you have lifetime access to be able to keep creating goals using your calendar.

Can I get access to all 12 weeks of the program when I join?

No, nor would you want to. The program was designed to support you in creating less overwhelm and increase your application.

Each week, a new module will be released to you based on the day you joined. You’ll start with Week 1 and then Week 2 will open up 7 days after.

You’ll get access to all of the materials for each week, as each week opens up–which is a beautiful thing. You’re learning how to embody a less busy and rushed self.

Once you have gone through all 12 weeks, you will have all modules open and available for you to go back through whenever you wish.

What’s the difference between this program and Monday Hour One?

If you’ve taken Monday Hour One, think of it like an intro level course for this program. We apply some similar principles, but then we add new concepts and a twist. If you haven’t taken Monday Hour One, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you know where to get help with time blocking 101.

What makes this different from other time management programs?

In this program, we change the beliefs that have been leading to your subpar results. My approach is to solve the root cause by addressing your belief system of what you think about your time and how you view yourself.

It’s not enough to learn the tools and processes. You must apply the mindset work with the tactics to uncover the obstacles that have been holding you back until this point, so you can create effective strategies to overcome them.

“I didn’t believe I could create my time. Now I make time for myself and honor it. My calendar is not a problem anymore – it doesn’t determine anything about me.”

Dominique Vandal

Join the Cultivate Margin program with:

✓ 12 weekly modules with worksheets

✓ Monthly live coaching call

✓ Vault of coaching call recordings

✓ Community platform off of social media

✓ Text-based coaching and As to your Qs

✓ Lifetime access

✓ Á La Carte Modules

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