I’m Lauren Cash

Master-integrator, wildly-successful business builder, and the leading coach for coaches.

I’m slightly obsessed with helping women create unimaginable goals in their businesses + increase their capacity for continued abundance, without sacrificing other areas of their lives.

Sound like everything you need and more?

Don’t wait. Get started now.

We exist so you can live fully

(and make more money)

After years as a successful, well-known Master Certified Life Coach specializing in time management and combating perfectionism, I created Vivere Co to teach women like you the tools, systems, strategies, and inner work needed to break boundaries and scale to 6-figures+.

Because I believe the world deserves more wealthy women.
And wealthy women deserve more balance + freedom. I’m here to help you embody both.

Coaching redefined

Coaching women on their journey to create massively profitable and effective businesses is our jam – but we do things differently around here.

Where other coaches focus on tactics + tools, we focus on the core of who you are – conducting the foundational inner work needed to prepare you for what’s to come.

Then we pair it with efficient + effective tactics to help you break norms + shatter limitations – both in your bank account + personal life.

Inner work + proprietary systems & tactics = increased capacity

Who We’re For

Service providers within the coaching industry looking to grow.

CEOs + founders of flourishing coaching practices.

Integrators + contractors directly supporting a thriving business in the coaching industry.

Vivere Co Believes

In an abundance of time, money, and energy.

That you can hit your money goals.

In keeping things simple and effective.

That you and your body have the innate wisdom to thrive.

How I Got Here

I’ve had a weird affinity for planning and time management ever since I was a kid.

A new planner + fresh calendar are my favorite things, and in school, I made it my personal mission to successfully partake in as many groups, classes, organizations, and jobs as possible – without showing up late (even once).

It only made sense to take those skills (read: obsessions) and use them to improve the lives of others. So I became Master Coach Certified by The Life Coach School and worked closely with them for 3 years. While part of LCS, I co-created Monday Hour One, ran a multi-million dollar program from idea to execution, and helped hundreds of people experience wild results.

The year I relaunched my own business it generated more than $600k. While I wasn’t hustling every hour of every day, I learned pivotal lessons in energy maintenance and regulation creating my first half million.

And now, I want nothing more than to help you create the revenue you desire, without making the mistakes I made.

Welcome to Vivere Co – where we help you live fully alive.

The Fun Stuff
Has been known to

read multiple books at once (currently reading: Do Less, Great CEOs Are Lazy, Sacred Success)

Can Watch

endless reruns of Gilmore Girls

Is Infatuated With

the beach + long walks as the sun falls

Geeks Out On

time management + all things personal development


Yes, I collect degrees and certifications

Master Coach Certified (The Life Coach School)
Inner Voice Facilitator Certified (Jess Lively)

Human Design Reader Level 1 Certified (Eden Carpenter)

Co-Creator of Monday Hour One
Master of Arts in Psychology
Master of Science in Nutritional Science
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Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am-4:30pm Pacific *except for Holidays
Questions? Contact hello@vivere.co

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